Nova Scotians Deserve Answers on Tainted Trust Fund Dollars

March 2, 2013

(Halifax, N.S.) NDP President David Wallbridge is still looking for answers about where the Liberal Party’s Trust Fund dollars have gone and the status of the Allan J. MacEachern Institute for Public Policy, following the business session of this weekend’s Liberal Party Annual General Meeting.

“Stephen McNeil and the Liberals committed to moving their tainted Trust Fund dollars off their books,” said Wallbridge; but they’ve remained silent on where the money has gone and what the status is of their promised public policy institute.”

In 2009, just before the NDP made important changes to the rules around political donations to ensure fairness and transparency, the Liberals quietly shifted tainted Trust Fund dollars. Financial Statements from 2009 show $365,308 from the Fund that was only to be used for non-election purposes, was moved into an unrestricted fund accessible for attack advertising and political gain.

Stephen McNeil had openly supported the legislative changes in 2009 requiring their tainted Trust Fund be closed and its dirty secretive past put behind them[1] but now the money is less transparent than ever before.

“The NDP has made sure that our political process is as open as possible, but the Liberals seem to still be hiding a tarnished piece of their past,” said Wallbridge. “It’s time they were fully accountable about their trust fund that has disappeared from public view at the same time that they have been spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on advertising.”

“It is time for the Liberals to come clean about this money.”