Nova Star Groupon promotion short changes taxpayers

May 21, 2015

NDP Leader Maureen MacDonald says Nova Scotia taxpayers deserve more than 90 minute promotional trips from the Nova Star.

She says if the ferry operator wants to provide discounts to increase ridership they should encourage tourists to stay and explore Nova Scotia, not swing through the customs office for a few minutes.

“Of the more than $41 million the McNeil government invested in Nova Star, $10 million was designated to market Nova Scotia as a tourism destination,” says MacDonald. “Given this investment, any promotion offered by the company should be designed to keep people in our province, to stay in our hotels, to eat in our restaurants and to experience all that Nova Scotia has to offer. This most recent Nova Star marketing ploy fails on all these counts and really short changes Nova Scotia tax payers.”

MacDonald is calling on the McNeil government to change the details of the offer so people are able to spend as long as they want in the province, not just 90 minutes.

“Let’s face it, the provincial government is Nova Star’s primary shareholder, it should use its leverage to ensure this tax payer subsidized promotion is in the best interests of our provincial economy.”