Liberal broken energy promises costing Nova Scotia good jobs

June 27, 2014

(New Waterford, NS) NDP Energy Critic Frank Corbett says Stephen McNeil’s broken Nova Scotia Power promises are costing people their jobs.

Corbett was commenting on Nova Scotia Power’s decision to outsource 13 coal and ash handling jobs at its plant in Trenton. The company says it is also considering outsourcing similar jobs at its Point Aconi and Lingan thermal sites. In May, Nova Scotia Power announced it was looking to eliminate transmission and distribution line inspector positions.

On October 17, 2013, just nine days after being elected Premier and five days prior to being sworn in, McNeil said Nova Scotia Power should find savings by reducing administration, not front line staff.

Said McNeil at the time, “Whether there is a few less administrators in that company won’t really matter to Nova Scotians, but it will matter if the linesmen aren’t there to deliver, to put the power back on.”


Of course prior to being elected Stephen McNeil also promised to make Nova Scotia Power pay for efficiency programs from its profits and to fine the company for power outages – two promises the Premier has broken.

“Time and time again, when it comes to Nova Scotia Power the Premier has not been as advertised,” said Corbett. “It’s pretty clear, Stephen McNeil’s tough talk about the power utility in opposition was just an act to help him get elected. These are good paying jobs the government should be trying to protect; it’s unfortunate the Premier isn’t willing to stand up for them.”