Nursing shortage avoidable and unacceptable

March 11, 2015

NDP Leader Maureen MacDonald says it’s unacceptable that Nova Scotia is now facing a year-long nursing shortage in critical areas such as intensive care units, operating rooms and emergency rooms.

She made the comments after CTV News reported last evening that Capital Health is experiencing twice the number of retirements compared to last year, and that it will take as long as a year to replace so many experienced nurses.

“In November, I told Premier McNeil in the House of Assembly that experienced nurses were fed up with the treatment they were receiving from his government and were going to retire,” says MacDonald. “Unfortunately the Premier and his Health Minister ignored all the warning signs and now the health care system is facing a significant crisis.”

She added, “It’s extremely problematic that the province does not have a plan in place to deal with this shortage and the Premier needs to explain to Nova Scotians why this was allowed to happen. This all could have been avoided had the McNeil government not been so preoccupied with picking fights with health care workers. ”