Lewis: McNeil and Liberals wouldn’t have saved Port Hawkesbury Paper

September 26, 2013

(Port Hawkesbury, N.S.) NDP candidate Bert Lewis says comments made by Stephen McNeil in last night’s debate prove the Liberal’s would not have stood up for families in the Strait by keeping the paper mill open.

When asked to answer directly to the people of Port Hawkesbury and other communities if he would have made investments to save their jobs, McNeil said no.

Lewis says not only is McNeil not standing up for families but either he doesn’t understand the issue or he is intentionally misleading voters.

“It’s hard to believe McNeil wouldn’t have tried to save over 1000 jobs in the Strait area. Even more surprising is that McNeil doesn’t understand the agreement that was made. The investment the NDP made will be fully repaid to the taxpayers of Nova Scotia in 7 years. For the company to receive any forgiveness on the loan they first have to meet targets that ensure the province receives a full return on the investment.”

Lewis says it’s unfair to the workers at Port Hawkesbury Paper for Stephen McNeil to try and defend his position with information that isn’t true.

“These jobs are too important to our region for McNeil to try and sidestep the issue. Stephen McNeil owes families an explanation, Michel Samson owes families an explanation, and that explanation needs to come before the election not after.”