Birdsall Shocked By Liberal Call for Land Conservation Moratorium

August 1, 2013

NDP MLA Pam Birdsall says if the Liberals want a moratorium on protected land in Southwest Nova Scotia then clearly the environment is not a priority for Stephen McNeil.

Birdsall’s comments are in reaction to a letter Liberal MLA Zach Churchill sent to Environment Minister Sterling Belliveau. In the letter dated June 6, 2013, Churchill asked the Minister “to put a moratorium on protected lands in this (his) part of the Province.” Churchill is the MLA for Yarmouth in Southwest Nova Scotia.

“We’ve heard from Nova Scotians that preserving and protecting our environment is important to them and we’ve taken steps to ensure that happens,” said Birdsall.

Earlier today the NDP released its final Parks and Protected Area plan to conserve 13% of lands by 2015. Under the plan Nova Scotia moves from ninth in Canada in percentage of land protected to second, behind only British Columbia.

“If you look at the final plan there are hundreds of hectares of scenic and, in some cases, ecologically sensitive lands set to be protected in Southwest Nova Scotia,” said Birdsall. “Based on Churchill’s comments, if the Liberals had their way these lands would be threatened.”

“There are people in this part of the province who have worked long and hard to create a legacy for future generations. Nova Scotians should know the risk to protected lands if the Liberals had their way.”