Liberals neglecting promise to PTSD sufferers

January 21, 2015

(Sackville, NS) NDP MLA Dave Wilson wants to know why Health Minister Leo Glavine has yet to appoint the all-party legislative committee he promised in October to examine support for Nova Scotians suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

On Oct. 6, 2014 after rejecting NDP legislation to provide automatic WCB coverage for emergency responders suffering from PTSD, Glavine said he was going to form the committee to, “find concrete ways to provide support” for volunteers and emergency responders at risk of developing the disorder.

Glavine said the committee would complete a report to submit to government prior to the spring sitting of the Legislature. Three months later, the Minister has yet to appoint the committee and Wilson wants to know why.

“Right now there is a national conversation taking place about the need to provide better support and care for those suffering from PTSD, but here in Nova Scotia the Liberal government has gone silent on the issue,” said Wilson.

“Minister Glavine made a promise, and with only two months until the spring sitting of the Legislature, I want to know if he intends to keep it. There are people right now in Nova Scotia who are unable to get the treatment they need for PTSD. For their sake, the government cannot put off addressing this matter any longer. They are suffering and they need help today.”