NSPI rate of return 33 per cent higher under Liberals

August 12, 2013

NDP MLA Mat Whynott says Nova Scotians need to be reminded of the days when rates of return for Nova Scotia Power soared under the Liberals.

“Nova Scotia Power’s rate of return was 33 per cent higher under the Liberals. Nova Scotians can’t risk returning to the Liberals with a record like that,” said Whynott.

Whynott also says Liberal leader Stephen McNeil’s scheme to have Nova Scotians depend on a much larger monopoly, Hydro Quebec, doesn’t make sense for Nova Scotians.

“Hydro-Quebec is the fourth largest utility in the word. The last thing Nova Scotians want is to be at the mercy of another monopoly,” said Whynott.

Whynott says the NDP has lowered NSPI’s rate of return, ended NSPI bonuses and excessive salaries at rate payer expense.

“Only the NDP have a plan to secure the lowest, fairest rates for Nova Scotians. That plan includes energy that is local, reliable, green, tax-free and efficient. McNeil and the Liberals would put the plan in jeopardy.”