NDP encourages Nova Scotians to stand up for workers’ rights

September 1, 2014

NDP Leader Maureen MacDonald says it’s important Nova Scotians take part in Labour Day events this year to voice their displeasure with Liberal Bills 37 and 30. 

“In the past year Stephen McNeil has stripped nurses, home care workers and thousands of individuals in the healthcare sector of their right to a fair collective bargaining process,” said MacDonald. “Labour Day is a good opportunity to remind the Premier that workers deserve to be treated fairly and with respect.”

MacDonald also says the Liberal government needs to end its heavy handed approach to negotiations.

“I honestly hope we never again see a time when the Premier goes to the media and threatens workers like Stephen McNeil did to nurses this spring,” said MacDonald. “Right now there are discussions taking place between the province and the unions that represent health care workers regarding district health mergers. This time, let’s hope those discussions conclude at the bargaining table, not on the floor of the legislature.”

MacDonald is attending Labour Day events in Port Hawkesbury today.