Stephen McNeil Can’t Manage 12 MLAs, How Could He Manage a Province?

May 3, 2013

NDP MLA Mat Whynott said today that Liberal Leader Stephen McNeil’s inability to manage 12 Liberal Members of the Legislature shows that he is not capable or experienced enough to run a province.

 “McNeil doesn’t know where Michel Samson lives and he doesn’t seem to care where Manning MacDonald is,” said Whynott. “Samson has charged taxpayers $115,000 for housing allowances over the past few years. The Speaker’s Office has now determined Samson actually lives in Halifax and isn’t entitled to a housing allowance.

 “Meanwhile, Manning MacDonald disappeared for the entire month of April when the House of Assembly was in session debating an important budget. MacDonald was vacationing in Florida all April, just like he had done the year before when the House was in session. Rather than telling Manning to drop the golf clubs and get to work, McNeil defended MacDonald by telling the Chronicle Herald that he didn’t have a problem with MacDonald collecting a pay cheque while refusing to come to work.”

 Whynott said a Premier has to manage and be responsible for 18 government departments and dozens of agencies and commissions. Yet McNeil isn’t even able to manage 12 MLAs. Mr. McNeil has not answered a single question on whether Samson should have received $115,000 in housing allowances while living in Halifax, according to the Speaker.

 The NDP MLA pointed out that McNeil once even had to hire an outside consultant to help him manage a staff of 14 people.

 “McNeil’s inability to manage 12 MLAs and 14 staff should be a serious concern for Nova Scotians. He should have stepped in and told Samson the jig is up, he is not entitled to a housing allowance while living in Halifax. And he should have told Manning to drop the golf clubs and get to work.”