Tories and Liberals stuck in the past

July 18, 2013

Both the Conservatives and Liberals would put health care back into crisis with super bureaucracies if given the chance, says NDP MLA and Health Minister Dave Wilson.

“Stephen McNeil and Jamie Baillie think bureaucrats fix health care and they each have said they would create super bureaucracies in Nova Scotia,” said Wilson. “Just look at their record when it comes to health administration spending.”

Spending on health bureaucracy ballooned by 400 per cent during the previous Tory government.

“The last Liberal government cut spending to hospitals by 7 per cent in their first but hiked bureaucratic spending by 60 per cent. That’s the largest increase in the last 30 years,” said Wilson. “The second largest increase was 30 per cent and came from the Tories in Jamie Baillie’s first year their Chief of Staff. Their record speaks for itself,” said Wilson.

“The NDP has the best record in Canada in cutting health administration spending. We’ve reduced spending on health bureaucracy more than any other province since 2009.”

Increasing health bureaucracy and creating superboards has been tired in other provinces. Four years after Alberta brought in their superboard costs have gone up by almost $86 million.

The NDP knows what Stephen McNeil and Jamie Baillie clearly don’t. Bureaucrats and health superboards are not the answer to making health care better for families.

Not only would the Conservatives implement a health superboard like the Liberals, they would also attack the jobs of hospital workers, particularly in rural areas. Today, Baillie acknowledged that these workers would be impacted by saying, “That’ll all be worked out when the time comes.”

Wilson says Baillie needs to explain now, not later, how their proposed changes will impact hospital workers and their families.

“The NDP knows that making health care better for families means focusing on front line care and keeping ERs open, which is what Collaborative Emergency Centers are doing for Nova Scotia families,” said Wilson. “The success of the CEC model is nationally recognized and is being copied across the country.”

“The other parties are stuck in the past. Only the NDP have a plan, Better Care Sooner, that is working for children, families and seniors.”