My Play decision should have been based on evidence

June 28, 2015

(Halifax, NS) The McNeil government acted irresponsibly by ignoring the advice of an expert panel when it unplugged the My Play system from VLTs without a replacement, says NDP Leader Maureen MacDonald. As a result VLT revenue is on the rise again, while approximately 50 valuable jobs have been lost in Cape Breton.
“I have to say, I was disappointed the Health Minister tried to fabricate a story that more money is being spent on VLTs because of ‘tourists,’ says MacDonald. “Gambling addiction impacts thousands of Nova Scotia families and should never be taken lightly. The McNeil government’s decisions and comments on the subject need to be based on empirical evidence, not on the whims of cabinet ministers.”
MacDonald adds, “Let’s not forget that the elimination of My Play also contributed to the loss of about 50 jobs at Techlink. I’d like to know why the McNeil government completely ignored the advice of an expert panel when making a decision that impacted the livelihoods of dozens of families in Cape Breton.”