Whynott asking if Liberals forgot to cost out spending commitments again

August 27, 2013

NDP MLA Mat Whynott says for the second election in a row it appears Stephen McNeil and the Liberals have forgotten to cost their commitments.

Whynott made the comment after learning the Liberals were critical of recent NDP government programs to help seniors with home repairs, help families replace aging oil tanks, provide dental coverage to youth ages 17 and under and to assist local farmers.

Whynott says that’s ironic since the list of current Liberal commitments made since the start of the Spring Session of the Legislature would cost tax payers approximately $156.5 million.

“It’s little wonder the Liberals haven’t balanced the budget since 1976. They are constantly making promises before finding out how much they cost. Then when they find themselves in trouble they make drastic cuts to programs that families rely on,” said Whynott.

In the 1990s the last Nova Scotia Liberal government closed 1,600 hospital beds, paid nurses to leave the province and got rid of 1,400 teachers. According to RBC, Nova Scotia was the only province in Atlantic Canada to not balance a single budget between 1993-1999.

Whynott says McNeil’s most recent comments demonstrate he isn’t qualified to be put in charge of the public purse.

“Nova Scotians have worked hard to get our province back to balance. We’re finally starting to dig out of the deep hole past Liberals and Conservatives left behind. The last thing people need is another Liberal government walking around writing blank cheques.”

In 2009, Stephen McNeil and the Liberals released a platform that included $500 million worth of spending commitments but famously was missing the page that provided details about how they would pay for them.