Wilson: Liberal platform calls for fewer new doctors

September 15, 2013

 (Lower Sackville, N.S.) NDP candidate and Health Minister Dave Wilson says the Liberal health plan completely disregards rural communities and emergency rooms and would decrease the number of new doctors over the next four years.

There is not a single new doctor who will begin practicing within the next six years under the Liberal Platform promise.

“According to the the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia, under the NDP government over 400 new doctors have begun practicing in the province in the last four years. Over the next four years the Liberals are only promising to add 100 new medical school seats. At that pace Nova Scotia would very quickly find itself facing a doctor shortage,” said Wilson, who is running Sackville – Cobequid.


The NDP has reduced emergency department closures by 92 per cent in communities where Collaborative Emergency Departments have opened and are committed to increasing the number of CECs. The Liberals on the other hand have spoken out against CECs. The current Liberal platform does not include any reference to keeping emergency rooms open.

“When it comes to health care the Liberals main focus is pulling resources out of rural communities in order to create an enormous health bureaucracy in Halifax. I was a paramedic in the 1990s when they did the same thing. I watched them cut 1,600 hospital beds and force over 1,000 nurses out of hospitals. It was devastating. It has serious consequences. It’s one of the main reasons I became a candidate for the NDP. The Liberal record on health care is one we just can’t risk repeating.”

Wilson added the Liberals not only cut emergency care when they were last in government they also cut dental care to children.

“The NDP have reversed Liberals cuts to dental care and have expanded the program to youth under 17 and are also providing insulin pumps to kids. We’re also focused on doing more for seniors and families with nurse managed clinics for chronic care and by adding five more Collaborative Emergency Centre’s to reduce wait times.”