February 28th, 2024

Review government motor vehicle fees, give families a break

HALIFAX – Nova Scotians are finding it harder to keep up with rising costs. One way the Houston government should give families a break now is by eliminating unnecessary government vehicle fees.

“The Premier could give everyday Nova Scotians a break and waive administrative fees connected with driving. Life is getting increasingly expensive and government revenues have never been higher. People across the province are feeling the pinch and deserve a break,” said NS NDP Leader Claudia Chender.

The NS NDP will table legislation today requiring the Houston government to review the Motor Vehicle Act and reduce or remove fees to lower costs for Nova Scotians.

“The sticker on your license plate is the most expensive sticker you’ll ever buy. If the Houston government is concerned about making life a little more affordable this is something they can do today,” said Chender. “In the face of the increasing cost of transportation, food, and energy the Houston government has done little to help people better provide for themselves and their families.”