Pending changes to Department of Seniors worrisome

December 13, 2013

(Halifax, N.S.) Denise Peterson-Rafuse believes the Liberal government’s pending changes to the Department of Seniors proves they do not understand the importance of the programs and supports this department offers to Nova Scotia’s seniors.

Health Minister Leo Glavine let it slip during question period on December 12 that the government is planning to move the Department of Seniors into the current Department of Health and Wellness. When further questioned on the matter, Glavine was unable to refer to a single meeting where seniors had a chance to voice their opinion (transcript at link).

“I’m very worried about this major change and its impact on the delivery of important supports for seniors in literacy, healthy living, education about elder abuse and assistance and grant programs to encourage positive aging,” said Peterson-Rafuse, a former Minister of Seniors.

“Seniors need to have a say in whether they feel their issues will be promptly and properly dealt with inside the vast department of Health and Wellness. Nova Scotia’s population is aging. This is not the time to change the way service is provided – in fact, government should be looking at ways to enhance service in preparation for the future”.