NDP work to protect youth, seniors

December 9, 2013

(Halifax, N.S.) The NDP will introduce two pieces of legislation in the House of Assembly today that would increase the age for basic dental care to a young person’s 18th birthday and extend coverage to include hearing aids for low income seniors.

Both bills ensure Nova Scotia’s seniors and youth have access to care that will enhance their lives and contribute to overall health.

Erin Masters is the mother of two children living in Halifax. “Knowing that I can take my kids to the dentist until they are 18 would be a big help. It would be one less cost I need to worry about and it would help my kids’ health in the long-run.”

Acting Leader Maureen MacDonald says the NDP are hopeful the government will support these bills. “Premier McNeil said he would consider all reasonable legislation. We consider these efforts more than reasonable, in fact it’s the right thing to do.”

During the 2013 election, the NDP committed to a hearing aid assistance program for low-income seniors. Prior to the election, the NDP committed to extending the age of basic dental care to 18. It remains unclear if Premier McNeil plans to honor the previous government’s pre-election commitments to the people of Nova Scotia.