Mancini demands answers on affordable housing, Premier has no response

April 28, 2016

Halifax, NS – Today in Question Period, NDP Leader in the House, Marian Mancini demanded answers from the Premier on why the Department of Community Services underspent its budget for affordable housing by just under $6 million last year, despite a waitlist of 4700 people for housing, many of whom are seniors.  There is also a waitlist of 1,300 people for renovations and this budget line was also underspent.

According to budget documents from Housing Nova Scotia, the province’s housing strategy has been underspent by $3.5 million over two years.  The department also underspent on social housing subsidies last year by just over $3.5 million and underspent on housing renovations by about $1.5 million.

The Premier was unable to answer any of the questions on affordable housing.

“Clearly affordable housing is not a priority for Stephen McNeil and the Liberals,” says Mancini. “With almost 5000 people in desperate need of affordable housing, how can the Premier justify not spending the full amount budgeted for housing?”

“The Premier owes an apology to the thousands of people in need of housing in Nova Scotia,” Mancini concluded.


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