Cape Breton has lost its voice in the health care system under McNeil government

June 30, 2015

(Sydney, NS) NDP candidates Madonna Doucette and Tammy Martin say the McNeil government has neglected health care in Cape Breton and patient care in the region has deteriorated as a result.
“Cape Breton has lost its voice in the health care system because of health authority amalgamation and the current family doctor shortage is just one of the consequences,” says Martin. “Our region is also facing a lack of geriatric specialists and obstetricians while emergency room overcrowding keeps getting worse. The McNeil government can’t continue to ignore these issues.”
Doucette says the McNeil government has particularly neglected seniors in Cape Breton.
“Stephen McNeil’s decision to place a moratorium on long term care beds has really had an impact in Cape Breton,” says Doucette. “There are more seniors on the long term care list in our region than in any other part of Nova Scotia, and to make matters worse the home care wait list has doubled in the past year.”
Stephen McNeil’s bad decisions are making life harder for Cape Bretoners and these by-elections are about sending the Premier a message that he is on the wrong path says NDP Leader Maureen MacDonald.
“Voters in Cape Breton need MLAs like Tammy and Madonna who will stand up and fight for them and their families, not another Liberal backbencher with no voice in the legislature,” says MacDonald.